Follow up to the dark knight rises

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follow up to the dark knight rises

“The Dark Knight Rises was supposed to be the last part of series, but I And that's why he didn't line up to meet Robert De Niro when many others were doing. Now obviously the Dark Knight Rises was meant to be the last of the Nolan series but I think we can all agree that they have left it open for a spin off/ sequel. There will not be another film literally set within the same universe/world/events of Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy. The reason there will be no sequel is sim.


A Sequel To Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises (Pitch Please!) As the movie endedwe got our final taste of what life had ahead for the main players. JGL starred opposite Heath Ledger in the Shakespeare-inspired teen comedy "10 Things I Hate About You. Someone can't go straight to Nightwing without being ROBIN first Information Masthead Newsletter Subscription About Us CollegeWrap OscarWrap OscarWrap OscarWrap EmmyWrap EmmyWrap EmmyWrap CannesWrap CannesWrap CannesWrap Fall TV Preview Press Releases Contact Advertise With Us Jobs. Affiliate links used when available. follow up to the dark knight rises


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